My Natural Healthcare Journey Beginnings–It Started with Empathy

When I was a toddler looking through the bars of my crib, I would stare at the tops of the trees across the street in our neighbor’s side yard.  I remember a day on which  I seemed to be very high above those trees, looking down on the earth below me and thinking, “These are MY people”, and feeling a responsibility to care for everyone on the earth.

The memory of that event–that feeling of responsibility for humanity and a deep caring for life–has evidently been a heavy influence throughout my life.   Among the deep concerns my mother had for my health at the time were the irritation that my heart was “too soft”.  “You’ve got to stop feeling so much for everything and everybody.  That’s not healthy!”  You had to know my mother to understand where she was coming from with that point of view!  Even though she could never persuade me to alter my empathetic outlook, she always was and will ever be the “wind beneath my wings”.

It is from this perspective that I share how my natural healthcare journey began–with a special empathy for anyone who has pain or discomfort, whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.  I have always felt that there’s something missing when it comes to correcting what causes illness.

Fast forward to 1984, after the birth of my son.  I was exhausted all the time.  Most mothers are…we push on.  The fatigue I felt seemed almost unbearable, and I remember going to a medical doctor to get some answers.  My test results were always negative for anything that would indicate a medical reason, so the doctor suggested that I see a psychiatrist, because he had no clue what my symptoms meant, his training dictated that as the next course of treatment.  I will be forever grateful for the visceral disgust I felt at that suggestion.