I was quite a sickly child, suffering from severe stomach cramps, dizziness and vertigo, every cold and flu that came along, and fits of illness that were so severe I would scream and cry for help.  My health was so poor, and I was so frail that my mother was afraid that I wouldn’t live long enough to grow up. During a two-week stay in the hospital, doctors tested me for a tremendous number of illnesses including rheumatic fever, after they decided that the diagnosis wasn’t ulcer or Type I diabetes; they didn’t the faintest clue what was wrong with me.

I just knew I would eventually get well, though.  Even at the age of 10, I knew, that I would spend my life as a doctor helping sick people get well.  My health began to improve during the summer before my thirteenth birthday when my sister and I spent our summer vacation with our aunt.  She was an ardent follower of Kathryn Kuhlman, who was a tremendous spiritual healer in Ohio at the time.  My aunt credited the prayers and sermons I was exposed to that summer for healing me.

I began my education in college intent on completing the Pre-med program at Mississippi State; however, a few weeks into the program, I knew I that had to change my path.  I awoke from a dream one morning convinced that, one way or another (perhaps through some accident or mistake), I would be responsible for the death of a patient if I became a medical doctor.  My dream revealed to me that my life would be destroyed by that incident, and I changed my major field of study to chemical engineering that day.

I spent about 10 years in chemical engineering tremendously unhappy and feeling like I had lost my way. More distressing to me, though, was how my health had begun to deteriorate. I had shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and severe depression.  One of the medical doctors I consulted recommended a psychiatrist to determine if my illness stemmed from psychological issues like stress or anxiety, because my symptoms were so diverse they didn’t fit any disease or disorder he was aware of.  Another medical doctor diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis.  It was only after the severe lower abdominal pain that prevented my walking upright resulted in the recommendation of exploratory surgery that I decided to take full responsibility for my own recovery.

I began with detoxifying fasts, colon cleansing and juicing organic raw vegetables and fruits. I studied books on natural healing and applied many of the recommendations I read. After 6 weeks on my new regimen, the pain that had me shuffling with each step like a 95-year-old woman, and that had refused to respond to medication and medical procedures for the previous 10 months simply disappeared. GONE. Convinced that somehow the foods I had eaten for most of my life were what led to my pain, I maintained my wholesome way of eating and continued to get healthier and stayed pain free.

The more I learned about nutrition and natural healing, the more I wanted to know, and I began to pray and ask for guidance to know what to do with my life. The answer was provided to me on the day that awoke with excruciating neck pain that compelled me to look for a chiropractor, which I had read was the type of doctor I needed to see for help with neck and back pain.  While I waited for the doctor, I read some of the literature hanging on the wall that provided information about the education and training chiropractors receive.  Someone behind me said, “You can do that!” I turned to see who had spoken to me and found that I was still alone in the room.  Typical for me, I argued with that special someone until He had stated, “Yes, you can” three times in response to my skepticism and declarations of doubt.  HE convinced me that I could and would go to chiropractic school and become the healer I was meant to be.

The seventeen years following chiropractic school were filled with many successes helping patients recover their health using chiropractic, NAET and acupuncture, but I knew there was still something missing from my healthcare toolbox.  Although I counseled with patients on what to eat, I knew they had nutritional deficiencies that I wasn’t addressing adequately, but I was reluctant to recommend supplements, because I had found that healing with herbs and nutriceuticals didn’t work with a “one size fits all” approach.  I knew that the “miracle” cure for one person didn’t do beans for another one, so I kept searching for the best method.

My search for the best way to help myself and my patients more specifically with nutrition led me to Nutritional Response Testing, which enabled me to discover one of the missing pieces to my health’s puzzle.  Allergy elimination and a clinical nutrition program that was tailored just for my body enabled me to heal dramatically in just a few years.  However, decades of nutritional deficiencies and allergies had left me depleted of energy and feeling quite old and tired.  In order to keep up a rigorous pace to help my patients and take care of my family, I began to search for a way to recharge my energy the same way I was able to recharge my computer or mobile phone.  That search led me to bio-electro-magnetic energy regulation, which has proven to be the final piece of the puzzle for me.

I now have the optimum combination of: a) eliminating allergies that create dis-ease; b) correcting nutritional deficiencies with tailored clinical nutrition; and c) utilization of bio-electro-magnetic energy regulation, which enables enhanced oxygenation, blood flow and nourishment and cellular detoxification.   I’m pleased to be my model patient, because my health today is at a level much greater than it was more than 50 years ago.  I hope you will join me in coming Back to Life, Naturally!