GMAC Heavy Metal Transmutation Club

It’s common knowledge that heavy metals can create health challenges.  These two studies indicate how heavy metal toxicity can affect the nervous system:,  Unfortunately, when the heavy metals affect the central nervous system, the usual methods of detoxification are less effective, because the chelators will not cross the blood-brain barrier, AND, if the toxicity was an issue during a high fever, there is a high probability that the ions are bonded almost irreversibly to the neurons.

During the 2019 Radionics Symposium in Rapid City, South Dakota, I learned a method of balancing the neurons in the central nervous system, along with the rest of the body, that will enable the heavy metals to leave the body safely.  Here is how it works after you register:
1.  Club member answers a questionnaire that indicates their symptoms related to heavy metal toxicity.
2.  Each member’s sample is analyzed to determine which parts of the body (we will begin with the Central Nervous System FIRST) has heavy metal toxicity;  (if you KNOW I don’t have a sample from you, please enroll and email us for instructions to submit your sample).
3.  Each part of the body determined to be toxic with heavy metals will be analyzed to determine which heavy metals are present in what (radionic) concentrations;
4.  Each member will receive tailored balancing frequencies remotely for each heavy metal in each body part daily until the radionics testing determines that the member no longer needs Radionic balancing on that body part.
Since this process is experimental, the cost to be included is $3.45 per day, payable on a monthly basis, which equates to $103.30 per month per patient.  Enrollment is now available, and will be open until we have reached the maximum number of manageable members.
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If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your membership in the GMAC club, or you need to cancel your membership due to other reasons, please contact us immediately by calling 205-538-3823, or notify us by email.


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